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Beginner's Guide:

Welcome to RoyalMn's global one-stop cloud computing power mining machine service platform. At RoyalMn, you can purchase a variety of cloud computing power or mining machines at a very cost-effective price, and mine to obtain profits. There are various plans for purchasing plans, and you can freely choose the appropriate plan according to your financial situation.

RoyalMn's products are divided into two types, one is cloud computing power, and cloud computing power is a remote mining mode. Users purchase cloud computing power contracts through the platform, lease computing power for mining, and obtain income regularly. The income will be settled into the account every day, and all the principal will be settled after the end of the planning period without deduction of any fees.

The cost of the mining machine is divided into the purchase cost of the mining machine and the management fee of the managed mining machine. The mining machine purchase fee refers to the cost of purchasing and hosting different mining machines for different periods, which needs to be paid at one time. The mining machine purchase fee will be recovered by the platform according to 20% of the mining machine depreciation fee after the end of the cycle, and the remaining 80% of the purchase fee will be settled to your balance account. Management fee refers to the service fee charged on the platform hosting platform after you purchase the mining machine, including electricity fee, mining farm maintenance, mining machine online, mining machine deployment, mining machine maintenance risk, etc. The management fee is deducted from the daily income.

Specifically, how to make a purchase?
1. Click Register, enter your email address, verification code and set a password according to the prompts to register as a member of the RoyalMn platform
2. Click on the quick recharge channel and select the recharge channel that suits you to recharge:
①Click Quick Recharge
②Choose the recharge method that suits you
③Copy our payment address to your cryptocurrency wallet and complete the transfer
④ Return to RoyalMn, enter the recharge amount, and upload the transfer screenshot
⑤Click to submit recharge order
3. Select the appropriate cloud computing power or mining machine to purchase
4. The income is automatically settled to the member account every day, and the user can freely reflect With RoyalMn, you do not need to purchase mining machines and maintain mining machines by yourself. One-click ordering to enjoy platform services, saving time and worry! For more frequently asked questions, check out the Help Center!

frequently asked questions

1. What is RoyalMn?
RoyalMn is a platform that provides mining services to users around the world. It saves users the complicated process of purchasing, transporting, installing, and hosting mining machines. Just place an order with one click and enjoy the service. Different from any mining machine on the market, the user income on the RoyalMn platform is more transparent and real. The RoyalMn mining machine purchase package provides a very price-competitive combination of long and short cycles on the basis of more flexible choices, and the service advantages are more obvious. In addition, the platform selects equipment from the world's leading mining machine manufacturers, and in-depth cooperation with the world's first-class mining pools such as, BTC.TOP, Antpool, F2Pool, ViaBTC. Real mining machine service, transparent user income, flexible purchase plan, RoyalMn is committed to providing global users with transparent, convenient and secure world-class mining machine services.

2. How does RoyalMn work?
Users can choose different purchase plans on the RoyalMn platform. Once the order is successfully placed, RoyalMn will provide mining machine service specifications to the head mining pool, and the stable income generated every day will be directly settled into the user's balance and can be withdrawn at any time. As an excellent mining machine service provider in the industry, RoyalMn cooperates with a number of leading mining pools, has high-quality overseas compliance mines and a professional operation and maintenance team, and the scale of platform mining machines is industry-leading, providing users with safe and stable mining machine services. .

3. How to participate?
①Click Register, enter your email address, verification code and set a password according to the prompts, and register as a member of the RoyalMn platform
②Click on the quick recharge channel and choose the recharge channel that suits you to recharge
③Choose the mining machine package that suits you to buy
④The income is automatically settled to the member account every day, and the user can withdraw freely

4. How to recharge?
Click the quick recharge channel on the homepage of the APP, select the currency, copy the address of the APP to your encrypted wallet to transfer coins, then go back to the APP to upload a screenshot of the successful transfer and submit it for recharge

5. How to buy?
After the recharge is successful, select a suitable mining machine package, enter the amount, and click subscribe to complete the mining machine purchase

6. How to withdraw cash?
Click on withdraw, enter the wallet address and quantity, enter the transaction password to complete the withdrawal operation

7. How to generate income?
The corresponding settlement is based on the computing power of the purchased product. The more computing power you hold, the more income you will generate.

8. Is the income digital currency or legal currency?
Revenue refers to the digital currency that miners produce by purchasing mining machines, and the platform distributes the digital currency to the mining account after deducting the management fee.

9. When is the income settlement time?
The estimated income is calculated by the actual operation of the digital asset network, and will change dynamically. The mining income of yesterday is settled at 00:00 GMT-4 time every day, and is issued on a daily (24h) basis.

10. Why does mining income fluctuate?
The fluctuation of mining revenue is mainly affected by changes in computing power and difficulty adjustment
① Changes in computing power: The computing power output of the mining machine is a fluctuating process. In addition to the influence of electricity, network, mining machine status, etc., the computing power will fluctuate greatly, resulting in changes in income.
②Difficulty adjustment: The difficulty of the entire network of encrypted digital currencies will be adjusted to a certain extent after a period of time, and the overall increase is the main one. It is normal for miners to have their earnings removed while maintaining their original computing power.

11. How to change the account password?
The login password is the account password set during registration. The initial transaction password defaults to the login password. Users can click the asset in the lower right corner of the APP, and then click the setting button in the upper right corner to modify.

12. Order problem?
If you have any questions about the order, you can click on the online customer service for consultation, or you can send an email to, we will try our best to reply to your questions, thank you for your support!